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"Being the first exchange in Mexico with a physical location open to the public gives it historical significance, and allows it to introduce bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology to the Mexican market."


Bitlem in the media

"Bitlem Opens the First Physical Bitcoin Exchange in Mexico"
"Cryptocurrency Platform Bitlem Opens a Physical Trading Location in Mexico"
"Mexico now has its First Physical Bitcoin Exchange"
"A cryptocurrency Exchange, Bitlem, started operatin in Mexico City"
"Bitlem: The First Physical Bitcoin Exchange in Mexico"
"Bitlem: The First Bitcoin Exchange in Mexico with a Physical Branch"

The First Physical Cryptobank

Connecting Blockchain Technology and Traditional Banking to bank the unbanked.
The next stage of cryptocurrency adoption will require companies to expand beyond the digital world and establish physical presence in the real world.


We are bulding a Cryptobank to seemingless combine Blockchain Technology and Traditional Banking. We are the bridge between worlds. We combine the best of both worlds to lower the entry barriers to the new technologies and offer all of its benefits. We use blockchain technology under the hood to potentiate traditional financial services.

Blockchainize the world

The Bitlem Network allows to digitalize and undigitalize ownership over physical assets, commodities, securities, and property. Ownership over any kind of tangible asset can be tokenized, subdivided, transferred, traded and redeemed over the internet for the first time in history.

Debit card & Mobile Wallet

Pay with cryptocurrency in more than 130 countries around the world with the Bitlem Debit Card. Get a Virtual or Physical card and unchain the power of the Blockchain.

Large scale remittances across the world

Our vision is to establish physical presence around the world through a network of agents and associates to make blockchain technology a real alternative for the unbanked population of the world in the remittance sector.

0% Transparent Fees

No hidden conversion fees. Spend your cryptocurrency at millions of merchants around the world with the Bitlem Physical or Virtual debit card.

0.15% Cashback

Get BTLM tokens back everytime for every purchase you make with the Bitlem Debit Card.

Blockchain unchained

Spending cryptocurrencies should not be difficult. We make it easy to use them in the real world without hassle.

Bitlem Network Debit Card

Use cryptocurrency to buy anywhere

Bitlem Wallet

The Bridge Between Worlds


Receive, store, convert, spend and transfer Fiat and Crypto in a frictionless combination.


No more wait times! Generate virtual debit cards to start using the Bitlem Wallet. You can also request the physical card to use it in millions of physical stores around the world.


Using your crypto assets should be quick and easy. Now you can use your cryptos in the real world without any hassle.

Initial Token Sale

Name Bitlem Network Token
Symbol BTLM
Type ERC20 token
Price 0.0001 BTC
Total Tokens 100,000,000
Soft Cap 3,000,000 USD
Hard Cap 45,000,000 USD
Token Sale Perdiod 90 days
Purchase Methods Bitcoin, Ethereum, Fiat
Adjustable distribution Unsold and unallocated tokens will be destroyed
Further token issues No, a single token issue within the ICO

Tokens Allocation

Token Sale

During the Presale and Token Sale participants will be able to purchase 70% of the total token amount. Also, people will obtain 5% by participating in our bounty campaign or by helping the project with different tasks. The unsold or unallocated tokens will be destroyed once the campaign ends.

Business development and Liquidity

15% of the tokens will be used to bootstrap the Bitlem Network and all of our services. They will also be used to form alliances and incentivate the use of our services and token.

The First Physical Cryptocurrency Exchange

We established the First Cryptocurrency Exchange in Latin America in August, 2017

Banking the unbanked

We believe physical Cryptocurrency Exchanges are the path to financial inclusion as it allows anyone to acquire Bitcoin with little to no requirements, and this way, to have access to financial services such as online payments, savings accounts, money transferring, investing and more, that could not, otherwise, acquire with a bank or an online cryptocurrency exchange.

The unbanked population in third world economies still uses cash as the main payment method because they do not have access to bank accounts or other financial services. In order to reach this population it is necessary to establish physical presence and lower the entry barriers to the Blockchain ecosystem.

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Democratizing Cryptocurrencies

The majority of people that have had access to Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, are people with access to bank accounts and other basic financial services. Moreover, they have at least some understanding of how the ecosystem and technology works, but Blockchain technology is not mainstream yet. There is still a huge sector of the global population that still does not understand or trusts the technology.

Blockchain companies will need to reach out an establish themeselves in the physical world in order to make contact with this sector of the population to educate, solve doubts and provide higher levels of trust.

Blockchain related services are difficult to use for the general public, so it is important to combine the financial services that they already with the power of the Blockchain in a seemingless combination that is easy to use and understand by the general public.

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Physical Cryptocurrency Exchange

We opened the first cryptocurrency exchange in Latin America located 2 blocks from the Mexican Stock Exchange.

Online Cryptocurrency Exchange

We launched our Cryptocurrency Exchange where people can fund their accounts from our Physical branch or from more than 100k convenience stores across Mexico


Mobile Wallet

Some people say design is about solving problems.
Design is about cultural invention.

Crypto Debit Card

Use cryptocurrency to pay on millions of stores around the world.

Money Transmitter

A money transmitter license will be obtained to become the Western Union of the Blockchain era.

Fiat backed cryptocurrencies

Fiat backed cryptocurrencies with proof of reserves digitally signed by a goverment central bank.


Crypto Bank

A banking license will be obtained in order to fulfill Bitlem's mission of becoming the bridge between the traditional economy and the blockchain ecosystem.

Bitlem Network

Some people say design is about solving problems.
Design is about cultural invention.


Kenia Chavez
Chief Executive Officer
Javier Ramírez
Chief Financial Officer
Guillermo Fernández
Chief Technology Officer
Omar Álvarez
Chief Compliance Officer
Luis Guzmán
Chief Marketing Officer
Juan Herrera
Banking Operations
Ivan Hernandez
Head of Payments
Antonio Calderon
Chief Legal Officer
Raymundo Ramos
Product Manager
Luis Morales
Blockchain Developer
German Espinoza
Frontend Developer
Ignacio Castillo
Fullstack Mobile Developer
Daniel Gutiérrez
Fullstack Web Developer
Brenda Sanchez
Custumer Happiness
Abraham Aldama
Strategy Development Manager
Esteban Cervantes
Business Development
Alvaro Núñez
Backend Developer

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